Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Puppies and Foals and Chicks and Calves, Oh My...

On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting Drumlee Farm to catch up with Magee, but before that I had to meet the puppies!

This is Millie, Mark's new puppy, who was over to visit for some puppy playtime.

And this is Holly, Drumlee Farm's newest resident.

They make such a cute pair!

Holly is the quieter of the two, with floppy ears...

...while Millie has pointy ears and a can-do attitude to life!

Holly is very good at the posing.

Mark and I took the puppies outside for a pee break, and we had our backs turned for one minute to say hello to Skew when...

...we turned around to find Millie in the flowerpot!

And this is Millie falling out of the flowerpot.

I said hello to Dash too.

Then I went to see Magee, who has grown so much since I first saw him five months ago.

Millie was off home, and Holly was safely in the living room.

I was introduced to these two chicks.

And the rooster introduced himself.

This is Jess the pet hen.

The calves have grown so much since I last saw them.

The adults were just as curious as the babies.

Homer has completely changed colour!

I find this photo oddly satisfying.

Beauty is still a beauty.

We returned to the house, where Lucy was ousted in favour of the cute puppy.

Holly settled on the red blanket.

All of this excitement...

...can be a bit tiring.

Sweet dreams, Holly.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Rainy Day in the Stable

Another rainy day meant no photos outside but Pip and I took advantage of a break in the rain to dash into the old stable at the back of the lambing shed. The light in here is very nice because there are big windows on opposite sides to let in lots of natural light. Pip was soggy but as beautiful as always.

The trust that Pip has in me is truly humbling. She let me lift her up onto this wall and let me lift her down again.

It was while I was taking these photos that I noticed that her eyes are slightly duller than they used to be. My little baby dog has got old dogs' eyes...

Monday, 11 September 2017


One morning it was amazing. There was fog! And a rising sun! It was a sign that my favourite season is not far away. I dashed outside straight after breakfast to take advantage of this wonderful morning. Millie was looking majestic.

Margo too.

You can see the water droplets on Bob's back.

Damp Audrey:


Penny turned to gold in the morning light.

Bob (with Penny and Anita in the background):

I love crisp mornings like this. There's something magical about them, the way the animals' breath hangs in the air...

Nobby's tree is the favourite spot to stand and is highly sought after.

The lambs had to settle for the gate.

Bob relaxing with the lambs.

(Pip was lurking.)

Rosie grabbed the spot under Nobby's tree.

Anita had placed herself in front of the gate, barricading me in.

Uh... help?