Monday, 24 July 2017

The Stables

I visited Fergal's stables on Saturday afternoon. At home it was dry, but by the time I arrived the heavens had opened, so I decided to photograph the horses and ponies in the stables while I waited for the rain to stop. Bow, who I met last time, was finishing box rest.

Khyser had a helpful nameplate on his stable door.

This one was enjoying lunch.

Honey was having a walk in the rain.

I met an adorable little pony called Banjo.

Red was very relaxed.

Red's next door neighbours (no pun intended).

Joe was about to be tacked up.

The yard cats made an appearance.

Finally the rain seemed to have eased off and so I made for the fields. On the way I took this picture of Max and his proud owner.

This horse was grazing next to the lane.

I walked across a field and met some horses on the other side of the fence.

These two seemed to be the best of friends and were very sweet.

At last I was at Fergal's field. Conker was waiting at the gate.

This horse was munching happily.

Fergal was handsome as usual.

While I was photographing Fergal, the other horses in the herd demanded attention.

I had a very enjoyable visit, even with the rain. A huge thank you to the horses and ponies for being such good sports.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Walk With Bart & Pip

Bart the blind pet lamb is growing bigger and braver by the day. When he was little he was too scared to venture outside, but now he just loves to go on walks around the yard.

But first, a hoof scratch.

There are implements and trailers to sniff.

(Oh my, that trailer needs a clean under there.)

Pip joined us on our walk. She's been mothering Bart since day one.

Bart is fearless of dogs thanks to Pip's gentleness.

Sometimes on our walks Bart wanders off and gets lost - but call his name and he'll come running.

Good lad, Bart.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Chomping Around the Bit

I bought a nylon bridle for Blue Belle last autumn.

She's had it on a few times, only for a short while to get her used to it. Usually she tries to eat some grass as we walk along and she can't quite work out how to eat it - but this time she finally worked it out and she was back to consumption of grass at her usual rate.

Blue Belle was very happy to help clean up the yard.

I think she looks really smart in her bridle, even if it fits her and no more. She's that awkward size between a Mini and Standard which makes buying for her difficult.

(Maybe I could teach one of the lambs to sit on her back? Nah, I don't think either party would appreciate that.)